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Blue and Gold Ganesha Head Tribal Style Printed on Eco-Friendly Recycled Aluminum

Blue and Gold Ganesha Head Tribal Style Printed on Eco-Friendly Recycled Aluminum

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This stunning blue and gold Ganesha head print is the perfect way to add a touch of Indian culture to your home decor. The intricate tribal design is printed on eco-friendly recycled aluminum, making it a sustainable and long-lasting piece of art. This print would look great in any room, but it would be particularly eye-catching in a modern or minimalist space. It would also make a great gift for anyone who appreciates Indian art or culture.

Ganesha is the Hindu god of wisdom, prosperity, and success. His elephant head represents wisdom and strength, while his trunk represents abundance. This piece is a powerful reminder of the importance of these qualities in our lives.

The blue and gold colors in this piece are both calming and vibrant. The blue represents peace and tranquility, while the gold represents prosperity and success. This piece is sure to bring a touch of luxury and elegance to any space.

Size available: 8x12, 12x18, 16x24, 20x30 or 24x36 inches.

The thickness of the print is 0.045".

Backing: Float Mount Hangers are attached to the back of the print, and float the print 1/2-inch off the wall when hung.

Finish: High Gloss - Brilliant white high gloss surface for unsurpassed detail and vibrance.

Print Technique: Infusing dye directly into specially coated aluminum sheets.

The ultra-hard surface is scratch-resistant, waterproof and weatherproof. Avoid direct sunlight exposure.



Please note that this item is printed on demand. We do not carry any inventory and the fabrication process will start 24 hours after we receive your order. The item will be printed and assembled just for you.

If you need to cancel your order contact us within 24 hours after placing your order.

After 24 hours production will have started and we will not be able to cancel the order.


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